Planning for the Workforce Access Client

The purpose of this article is to provide the steps for setting up and configuring HYPR’s Workforce Access Client (WFA) on your workstations.


  1. Review the Active Directory (AD) domain environment. Determine if your workstations are domain-joined.

  2. If workstations are domain-joined, review the Advanced Installation requirements. Otherwise, continue with Execution, below.


  1. Configure a custom certificate template.

  2. Install the HYPR Mobile App:


  1. Download the .MSI file: Windows Desktop Client.

  2. Install and Configure. Depending on your environment, you have two methods of installation available to you:


  1. Download the .pkg file: Desktop Client Installer.

  2. Install and configure: Installing on macOS.


    • Mobile App enrollment
    • Mobile App unlock
    • Mobile App lock

    • Additional testing:
      • Yubikey / Smart Card enrollment (not for macOS prior to 8.1.0)
      • Yubikey / Smart Card unlock (not for macOS prior to 8.1.0)
      • Offline PIN unlock
      • Recovery PIN unlock


Configure MDM for WFA distribution. Once installation is verified, set up your MDM to distribute the client to your employees' workstations (see Command Line Installation for Windows or Command-line Installation for macOS.


After acclimating to the look and feel of the HYPR True Passwordless experience, you are now ready to begin planning your go-live!

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