Product: HYPR RADIUS Server and Integration
Applicable Version(s): HYPR 6.12+

This article assumes RADIUS is installed and configured to be operational.

RADIUS attributes are used to define specific authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) elements in a user profile.

RADIUS Packet Types

The following list defines the various types of RADIUS packet types that contain attribute information:

  • Access-Request—Sent from a client to a RADIUS server. The packet contains information that allows the RADIUS server to determine whether to allow access to a specific network access server (NAS), which will allow access to the user. A user performing authentication must submit an Access-Request packet. After the Access-Request packet is received, the RADIUS server must forward a reply.

  • Access-Accept—After a RADIUS server receives an Access-Request packet, it must send an Access-Accept packet if all attribute values in the Access-Request packet are acceptable. Access-Accept packets provide the configuration information necessary for the client to provide service to the user.

  • Access-Reject—After a RADIUS server receives an Access-Request packet, it must send an Access-Reject packet if any of the attribute values are not acceptable.

  • Access-Challenge—After the RADIUS server receives an Access-Accept packet, it can send the client an Access-Challenge packet, which requires a response. If the client does not know how to respond or if the packets are invalid, the RADIUS server discards the packets. If the client responds to the packet, a new Access-Request packet must be sent with the original Access-Request packet.

  • Accounting-Request—Sent from a client to a RADIUS accounting server, which provides accounting information. If the RADIUS server successfully records the Accounting-Request packet, it must submit an Accounting Response packet.

  • Accounting-Response—Sent by the RADIUS accounting server to the client to acknowledge that the Accounting-Request has been received and recorded successfully.

    NOTE: HYPR RADIUS does not support Accounting.

HYPR Supported RADIUS IETF Attributes

  1. Use the screen below as a reference to enter custom RADIUS attribute Name and Value on the HYPR Radius admin page.


  2. :

This setting will allow HYPR RADIUS to send the expected value to the NAS (client).


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