Determine and Alter the Validity Period of AD CS Certificates Used for HYPR


Product: AD CS
Applicable Version(s): Windows Server 2008 R2 and later


  1. Connect to your AD CS server.

  2. Open Server Manager -> Dashboard.

  3. Click Tools in the top right, then select Certification Authority.

  4. Expand the Server Name in the left navigation.

  5. Right-click on Certificate Templates and select Manage.

  6. The Certificate Templates Console window displays certificate templates in the right pane. Right-click your template name and choose Properties.

  7. In the General tab you will see the Validity period specified for all certificates issued from this template.

  8. Change these values as desired and Save.

NOTE: Certificates which have already been generated will not use the new validity period until they are revoked, replaced, and renewed. You may need to wait some time in complex environments for Active Directory to sync to all sites/controllers.



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