What is the process to renew a cert on mobile devices?


HYPR Windows Workforce Access Client uses the ADCS issues certificate to process authentication requests. Certificates are being issued during the Mobile Device or Security Key enrollment and have the validity period defined in the ADCS certificate template.


Certificate Renewal Process

HYPR Windows Workforce Access Client can automatically renew mobile device authentication certificates before the expiration date. The workstation client checks for the certificate validity period and will attempt to renew the certificate 30 days before the expiration date.


Suppose the user is connected to the secure company network that allows them to communicate with ADCS to request a new certificate. Everything will be handled in the background without the user even noticing this.


When the secure connection with ADCS can't be established, users will see the alert displayed on Windows, asking users to connect to the VPN to continue using the mobile app to log in.



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