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Access Token TTL in 6.7.0

Token time-to-live (TTL) used a default value of 10 years. Beginning in version 6.7.0, it defaults to 30 days.

Every time you use the token, the expiry date is reset to the current time plus the TTL value.

You cannot change the existing tokens' TTL values. If you still see the tokens with 10-year TTL, it means they were created before 6.7.0, and they are in active use.

You must revoke (delete) them explicitly in Control Center (CC) if you don’t want them; otherwise they won’t expire in TTL.

Vault to DB from 6.17

Before 6.17, tokens were saved in Vault. Apart from an individual token TTL, there is a maximum token expiry date set globally to 10 years. From 6.17 forward, we migrated tokens from Vault to the database, where there is no such restriction. Old tokens will be migrated to the database, and the expiry date moved accordingly.


Version Date Comment
Current Version (v. 5) Mar 23, 2022 12:54 Khedron de León
v. 4 Mar 04, 2022 00:56 Qingjie Du
v. 3 Feb 17, 2022 03:37 Qingjie Du
v. 2 Oct 14, 2021 15:01 Qingjie Du
v. 1 Oct 13, 2021 02:31 Qingjie Du
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