Why might I see error code 1201023 on the Workstation client when pairing my mobile device?


This error indicates that the user was trying to pair the mobile app with the computer, but the certificate validation has failed during the pairing process. This could be an intermittent issue or a problem with the generated certificate for the user.



Please follow these instructions to resolve the issue:

1. Wait at least a minute

2. Open the HYPR App on the mobile device
3. Tap on the SCAN QR button (if you have already paired at least one account, tap on the Add button in the app)
4. Click on the Try Again button in the windows app
5. Scan the QR code with your mobile app
6. Ensure that QR code scanned successfully

Reboot the computer and ensure that you're connected to the VPN and try steps above again if issue still persist.


Additional Information:

If the issue persists - record the tracer ID displayed on the error screen escalate the Control Center Administrator to analyze logs for further diagnostic. 

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