Why might I see error code 1550002 on my workstation when pairing my mobile device?


This error indicates that the workstation user may not be configured properly. This is typically not a production issue and may be experienced during sandbox or deployment testing by internal or pilot users.

This can be caused by user permissions which may not be authorized to enroll a certificate for the certificate template type.


Please follow these instructions in order to resolve the issue:

1. Check that the user is on a secure network (office or VPN) try again. This will ensure the user is ready to begin pairing.

2. If the issue persists - guide the user to reboot the workstation before trying again.

3. If the issue persists - an admin may select the "User" template in AD and add user to "Group or user names" list under Security in template. Click on "Enroll" permissions and try again.

Additional Information:

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