Why might I see error code 1530001 on my workstation when pairing my mobile device?


This error indicates the user has entered in an incorrect 'user presence' check when prompted for their workstation password. During the pairing process, an enterprise may require the user to type in their current password one final time to validate that they are the professional who has logged into the workstation. When this is incorrectly entered, such as in the case where a rogue or malicious user tries to register on a colleague's unlocked workstation, the pairing process will not complete.


Please follow these instructions in order to resolve the issue:

1. Check that the user is on a secure network (office or VPN) try again. This will ensure the user is ready to begin pairing.

2. If the issue persists - Try to register again but proceed quickly through the pairing process. This will ensure that end user speed is not the cause of the issue.

3. If the issue persists - Guide the user to reboot workstation before trying again.

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