Why might I see error code 1520004 on my workstation when pairing my mobile device?


This error indicates that the workstation client may not be configured properly. This is typically not a production issue and may be experienced during sandbox or deployment testing by internal or pilot users.

This can be caused by either of an incorrect relying party application ID, an incorrect server or other parameters set by an administrator during installation.


Please follow these instructions in order to resolve the issue:

1. Check that the user is on a secure network (office or VPN). This will ensure the user is ready to begin pairing.
2. If the issue persists - Try to register again but proceed quickly through the pairing process. This will ensure that end user speed is not the cause of the issue.
3. Provide the admin with troubleshooting information as requested and wait for feedback.

As an admin, if the issue appears to be the workstation settings, verify that parameters such as the RP App, RP URL, Pinning value and other fields are set in accordance with your deployment.


Additional Information:

Advanced troubleshooting

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