Retrieving Logs from Server

Retrieving logs from the HYPR Server may involve either logging into the HYPR Control Center, or direct access to the reports and records of your company’s monitoring tools (such as Splunk, Datadog, LogRhythm and others).

If using the HYPR Server, upon logging in, select Health & Logs from the Navigation Pane on the left-hand side. In this screen, select the download button to receive a complete log file. The log file by itself contains minimal identifying information. When combined with the mobile or workstation log, an equipped service technician may search for information such as Device IDs to find areas in the log where that record appears and correspond to any success or error information.

Retrieving Audit Logs from Control Center

The Audit Trail is designed to alleviate the problem of discovering what, if any, issues occurred during any particular registration, authentication, or transaction. With that in mind, we have captured all those essential elements and located them in one place while providing a simple, easy to use interface which will dramatically lower troubleshooting time and personnel resources, so that the issue can be identified and remedied in a fraction of the time. You can learn more about Audit Trail features in HYPR Documentation Portal.

NOTE: You need access to the Control Center for Audit Trail logs.

Step 1: Login to Control Center

Step 2: Click on “Audit Trail” button from the menu


Step 3: Check diagnostic email from the user


Step 4: Copy FIDO ID and paste it into the search


Step 5: Check HYPR Docs or this guide for troubleshooting instructions




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