Creating a Helpdesk Support Ticket with HYPR

Information to Provide HYPR for Rapid Escalation and Support


Level 3 Support has the ability to contact HYPR Support directly to raise issues that have no clear resolution. HYPR support will work with your teams to reach rapid resolution.

You can access the support portal at HYPR Support. The support portal serves several purposes. You can:

  • Raise and monitor support requests
  • Browse our documentation and knowledge base
  • Find the latest HYPR product offerings

 Once you are logged into the portal you can submit a request by tapping the “Submit Request” button.


You will be prompted to submit your request with a description and various details that could be useful on the submission screen. It is best to include as much information as possible but there is no need to fill each item out. The priority field is mandatory and should be used based on the nature of the issue. Use the description text that best matches the scenario.


An example of a request containing information which will reduce the time to resolution may include:


  • Phone Model: IPhone 7 I
  • Phone OS: iOS 13.2.2
  • Time of Issue: I experience the issue as early as 4:30 am EST to trying after hours as late 9:30 p.m. EST
  • Place of Issue: Office
  • Relevant Log Files/Screenshots: as attachments
  • Issue: User Is unable to unlock their workstation using HYPR
  • Steps taken when issue is experienced:
  1. Turn on the laptop
  2. Type ctrl alt del to get to the sign on screen, make sure the laptop is connected to the WiFi
  3. Set it either to passwordless user or to my user account.
  4. Click on the Hypr app on my IPhone
  5. Click on the Blue Button with the id of laptop
  6. It states unlocking my computer, make sure my face is in the circle
  7. Hypr app is stating Workstation Ready for Access, the laptop is still saying Welcome within loading spinner
  8. 65 seconds later the Hyper App screen says failed Error -2002.
  9. 1 min 20 to 25 seconds later the laptop screen states "The username or password is incorrect”
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