FIDO supports CTAP through certification with the FIDO Alliance's FIDO2 open standard. HYPR is FIDO Certified end-to-end. 

The FIDO Alliance’s Client to Authenticator Protocols (CTAP1, CTAP2) specifications complement the W3C’s WebAuthn Protocol, and together these protocols enable a true passwordless experience. CTAP2 enables mobile phones and FIDO security tokens to interface with FIDO2 web browsers and operating systems over USB, NFC, or BLE. Together these deliver 2FA, MFA, or passwordless authentication.

CTAP1 (formerly FIDO U2F) enables existing FIDO U2F security keys and wearables for authentication on FIDO2 browser and operating systems over USB, NFC, or BLE, but only for 2FA alone.


Download the HYPR Information Security FAQ

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