Face ID is Not Working

Possible Causes

  • The user may have removed their existing FaceID
  • Biometry lockout (e.g., the user made too many wrong attempts, and now iOS locked the screen)
  • The wrong face was used or not recognized; try again with the right face

Level 1 Helpdesk

  • Has FaceID ever worked before?
  • Check if a passcode is set up already (iOS does not allow to use native authenticator without a passcode)
  • Have you locked out of your phone? Try locking the phone and unlocking by entering the passcode, then try to authenticate again
  • Is there a passcode set up in your device already?
  • If the issue persists, ask the user to submit a support log using the HYPR Mobile App for escalation to Level 2 Helpdesk

Level 2 Helpdesk

  • Given the support information provided by level 1
  • Identify if there are errors captured in the Audit trail for the particular DeviceID or user handle reported
  • The user may need to be removed from user management and may need to re-pair their workstation with their mobile app


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