How does HYPR Offline Mode work without a network or internet connection?

HYPR is designed to enable passwordless authentication in all conditions. In the event you're traveling or you're on an airplane, you might not have internet access on your computer or your mobile device. You can still authenticate with HYPR using Offline Mode.

How does Offline Mode work?
Offline Mode leverages a secure Decentralized PIN, which is obtained via the HYPR Mobile App and typed into the PIN field at the computer login screen. Decentralized PINs are not shared secrets, thus they provide a more secure alternative for login when the Internet is unavailable. Offline codes are configurable at the admin level using the HYPR Control Center.

How do I use Offline Mode?
To use Offline Mode you simply need to lock your computer, then open the HYPR Mobile App. Long press the icon of the workstation you want to access. An option to Unlock the computer will pop up on the mobile app interface. Once you choose this option, your device will ask you to authenticate. The HYPR Mobile App will provide you with a PIN. Type the PIN at the computer login screen, you will be granted access to your workstation.

See also Unlocking While Offline in our product documentation.

Learn more about HYPR Offline Mode in this video tutorial:

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