I see a “Workstation Ready for Access” message on the Mobile App but my computer does not unlock.

Possible Causes

1) Workstation is not receiving the unlock request
2) Workstation is ‘hanging’ or dropped the unlock request

Level 1 Helpdesk

- See if the user can try an Offline Mode PIN to successfully unlock the workstation
- If this does not work, ask the user to turn the internet off and on their workstation - on a Windows 10 this can be done from the lock screen in the bottom right corner of their login screen
- If the user still cannot login, ask the user to reboot the workstation
- At this point, repeating an online or offline login should work
- If this does: mark the event as successful and report the scenario to escalation for product review and refinement
- Guide the user to re-pair their workstation to their mobile device if this is an option
- If no solution: request the user to submit a support log using their side panel in the mobile app for escalation to Level 2 Helpdesk

Level 2 Helpdesk

Given the support information provided by level 1 - Identify if there are errors captured in the Audit trail for the particular DeviceID or user handle reported. The user may need to be removed from user management and may need to re-pair their workstation with their mobile app.

Learn More in the HYPR Workforce Help Desk Guide

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