My computer says “PIN already used.” But this is the first time I used this PIN.

Possible Causes

1) There may be an intermittent error

2) There may be a conflict with the domain controller

3) There may be an issue in the product crypto process

Level 1 Helpdesk

- Has Offline Mode ever worked for the user before? 

- If so, have the user disable internet on the workstation and try another PIN

- Have the user reboot the machine. If the resolves the issue, log the event as successful but report the finding to escalate for further product review

- If the issue still persists: engage the user to use online authentication

- If the issue cannot be resolved: request the user to submit a support log using their side panel in the mobile app for escalation to Level 2 Helpdesk

Level 2 Helpdesk

Given the support information provided by Level 1, identify if there are errors captured in the Audit trail for the particular DeviceID or user handle reported. The user may need to be removed from user management and re-pair their workstation with their mobile app.

Learn More in the HYPR Workforce Help Desk Guide

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