Does the HYPR mobile app require a biometric for authentication?

No. HYPR does not require biometrics for passwordless authentication. Mobile device biometrics are the most common authenticators in use but admins and users can choose to use a variety of mobile authenticators including:

  • HYPR Silent Authenticator (Tap)
  • HYPR Decentralized PIN


A user will only be presented with the option to choose authenticators your device supports. Policies configured in the control center dictate which authenticators can be used for registration and authentication actions.

In an example scenario, let's say an admin configures a policy that allows registration through either Touch ID or Face ID authenticators. Users of devices that can support touch and facial recognition will be presented an option to choose what they prefer. But what would a user with an iPhone 11, a device that has no fingerprint sensor, be presented? The will be prompted to register with Face ID only.

During the communication process HYPR collects information about what authenticators the user's device supports and uses that to ensure only authenticators the device supports are presented to the end user.

Furthermore, HYPR also provides out-of-the-box support for platform authenticators such as:

  • Windows Hello
  • Touch ID
  • FIDO2 Tokens

Learn more about HYPR Authenticators.


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