How do I enable log settings for the Android SDK?

There are times when additional logging is needed to troubleshoot an issue originating from the Android SDK. The config file, overrides.xml, is used to set the log level in versions 4.3.2 and below of the Android SDK. This file is placed in <project>/app/src/main/res/values/overrides.xml. If an overrides.xml file is not present, you can create a new file by this name. The below should serve as a reference for possible values.

  • Only Error Logging
<string name="hypr_show_release_log_filter" translatable="false">1</string>
  • Only Performance Metrics Summaries
<string name="hypr_show_release_log_filter" translatable="false">131072</string>
  • Only FacetID
<string name="hypr_show_release_log_filter" translatable="false">1048576</string>
  • All Release Logging
<string name="hypr_show_release_log_filter" translatable="false">4294967295</string>


The image shows an example with both the directory and a full overrides.xml file.


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