FAQ - Product Feature Requests

A feature request should be submitted as a ticket through the HYPR Customer Portal. In the ticket, you should clearly describe the primary use case for the feature request, your desired change in the software, along with any other information that helps explain the request. Upon successful submission, you will receive an email notifying you of your ticket number, and your feature request is updated to Awaiting Review status.

To Submit a Feature Request

  1. Browse to the HYPR Customer Portal.
  2. Enter your email address and select Next.
  3. Click Feature Requests.
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  5. Complete all required fields, and add any additional information that would enable HYPR to triage and scope the request.
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  6. When finished, click ADD FEATURE REQUEST.
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How Does HYPR Evaluate a Feature Request?

After submission, the HYPR Product team will start the evaluation of your feature request. During evaluation, the team looks at the following factors:

  • Is the specification unclear or missing information? (We need to understand what you are asking for.)
  • Is the feature request duplicative? (Maybe we already have this feature, and you aren’t aware of it, or maybe we know of a simpler alternative.)
  • Would the feature request make the product harder to use, introduce potential security or usability issues, or conflict with existing features?
  • Is the feature request aligned with HYPR product strategy and direction?
  • Would the feature request benefit other customers and add to the core capabilities of the existing product?

Once the assessment is completed, and the Product team has made the determination about the feature request, the status will be updated to Accepted into the Backlog status for approved requests, or Declined status for requests that weren’t selected. Updated statuses automatically trigger emails notifying you.

How Does HYPR Decide What Features to Implement?

The HYPR product team is constantly reviewing new ideas for demand and feasibility. Once a feature request has been scoped and planned for a release by the team, it will be marked as Planned. Once it’s been built, it will be marked Completed. We’ll keep you posted on the status of your feature request as it moves through consideration to planning and completion.

What Do the Different Statuses Mean?

There are four key statuses that indicate where a feature request falls in the planning process:

  • Accepted Into Backlog: The Product team has accepted this feature request as a valid request for future consideration and has added it to the Product backlog
  • Planned: The feature request has been added to the Product roadmap and has a target delivery date
  • Completed: The feature request has been built and is in a generally available release
  • Declined: The HYPR Product team has reviewed this idea and after careful consideration they have decided that, at this time, this feature request does not align well with current plans

What if My Feature Request Is Not Selected for the Roadmap?

While we greatly appreciate your feedback, we cannot guarantee future development or prioritization of all ‘Approved for Backlog’ feature requests, as these may change over time. This means that we’ll keep an eye on your feature request, see if other users are submitting similar feature requests, and think about how we can address it in the future.

Can I Submit a Bug through the Customer Feature Request Portal?

The HYPR Customer Portal is not intended for reporting bugs or seeking technical assistance with existing features/functionality. For those requests, please submit a Zendesk ticket here.

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